MENA Prison Forum
Exploring Political Prison Culture and Practices in the MENA Region
مُنْتَدى المَشْرِقِ والمَغْرِبِ للشُّؤونِ السِّجْنِيَّة
Since 2018
Supported by Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, medico international & Arab Fund for Art and Culture

In 2018, UMAM Documentation & Research launched the "MENA Prison Forum" (MPF). Two main factors influenced our decision to do so: first, the overwhelming presence of the prison in our day-to-day praxis; and second, the initiatives and programs UMAM D&R has already been involved with that address prison issues.

UMAM D&R's starting point in establishing a multidisciplinary forum dealing with prison-related problems was that "prison” in each country, as well as prison on a MENA regional scale, deserves to be addressed as a standalone issue that cannot be reduced to any single one of its various judicial, political, artistic, historical, or social expressions and emanations. Nonetheless, taking note of the sheer variety of these expressions and emanations is a necessary precondition to meaningful engagement with the prison in both individual country contexts and regional backdrops.