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فهرس مكتبة أمم للتوثيق والأبحاث

أمم بيبليو

When UMAM D&R came into existence in 2005, it was founded upon a conviction that the best way to understand present events is to trace their roots back through history. To do so, one needs to consult documents, magazines, films, newspapers, and various other archival material.

Simple in principle, the historical auditing is much more difficult in practice, especially without centralized resource centers and online databases. With regards to the former, UMAM D&R has served as such since its founding but only recently did it break into the latter with the launching of UMAM Biblio.

Working tirelessly to digitize its archives as the world moves further into the digital age, as Lebanon convulses through cycles of violence, instability, and uncertainty, UMAM D&R has taken the next step in streamlining public access to its ever growing collection of periodicals, publications, written documents, audio-visual material, and other archival assets.

UMAM Biblio serves as a gateway to a more nuanced understanding of Lebanon's strained past and hopefully a more informed future. Its contents are in Arabic and English and are at the disposal of anyone that may wish to use them. The website is an online catalogue of the entirety of UMAM D&R's holdings and as such means it is being perpetually updated given that new documents and materials are always being acquired.