A Cross Section of a History
The Shia Community in Lebanon
تواريخُ مُتَقاطِعة

حِصّة الشيعة منها في لبنان
Since 2022
Supported by German Federal Foreign Office

UMAM Documentation and Research (UMAM D&R) is undertaking a history project in Lebanon entitled "A Cross Section of a History." This project will create a space to explore and deepen understanding of the socio-political histories of specific communities within Lebanon - including the Shia, among others - to trace and explore their historical dynamics until today. Micro-level histories of individuals, families, and towns in Lebanon will be addressed, out of the belief that examination of these various histories will show the mosaic of personal and collective experiences of communities in Lebanon over history. 

The title of the project “A Cross Section of a History” embodies this mission: by focusing on specific elements of Lebanon’s collective, cacophonous history, we aim to illuminate unique and collective dynamics, identities, and transformations that help to explain the Lebanon we are seeing today. This project aims to directly engage with community members around Lebanon and in the diaspora, as well as academics and experts. The outputs of the project will be a research report and collections of archival material. 

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