Peace Upon You
Revisiting Past Attempts to End Lebanon's Conflicts
السّــلام عليكم

نِزاعاتُ لبنانَ في مُحاوَلاتِ فَضِّها
2015 - 2016
Supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon

As Lebanon was grappling with a multifaceted crisis that began rocking the boat of stability, UMAM D&R launched an initiative titled "Successive Ends of an Ongoing Conflict: Revisiting the Many Efforts to End Lebanon's ‘Civil War'" in August 2015. Between the buildup of garbage in streets around the country, an influx of Syrian refugees, and a protracted presidential vacancy, there was a heightened need to understand the various aspects of Lebanon's strained history.

To adequately revisit the past, a thorough research campaign began under the title "Peace Upon You" with a focus on obtaining historical documents and uploading them onto the Memory at Work website. The structure of the research project was relatively broad so as to allow for further development and expansion, leaving open the possibility that unique findings could branch off into previously unimagined avenues.