Memory At Work Syria
A Toolbox for Rethinking Syria
ديوان الذّاكرة السّوريَّة

عَوْدٌ على سوريا: لزوم ما يلزم
2014 - 2016
In partnership with ETANA Syria
Supported by Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)

During periods of war and chaos, countries enter into what become historical chapters of obscurity, disagreement, and conflicting narratives. Contending parties attempt to construct a path forward that will afford them the greatest amount of control and power, while taking advantage of the malleability of the historical record. Incumbent regimes, in particular, often stand the most to lose from an honest cataloguing of events. In the case of the Syrian revolution turned brutal civil war, such a maxim holds particular weight. After all, the Assad regime, under both father and son, has long dealt in a currency of information control, thought suppression, and raw intimidation. In light of this, a need emerged for authentic and expansive historical documentation that knew no parties and served no agendas.

UMAM D&R partnered with ETANA Syria to launch a project in December 2014 that would work towards improving, streamlining, and centralizing the documentation efforts to catalogue the Syrian civil war, efforts that took place amidst immense danger and risk. "Memory at Work Syria: A Toolbox for Rethinking Syria" was a multi-faceted undertaking that centered on the creation of a digital resource platform modeled after UMAM D&R's own Memory at Work website.

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