Exhibition by UMAM D&R
Books from the Battlefield
Featuring the War's Literature
كتــــــــب من الميدان

مشاهد من أدبيّات «الحرب»
Apr 20 - May 9, 2010 @ The Hangar - Beirut

"Books from the Battlefield - Featuring the War's Literature" sought to explore the role played by "cultural production" during the war (especially in book form), and the influence it might have exerted long after the end of the war, especially amidst the various physical and symbolic reincarnations of the war.

Pivotal examples of the written word that appeared during the civil war can be grouped into three broad categories. When reviewing the works in the first category of culturally produced wisdom, it is clear that some exhibit a distinctly defensive nature. Many of the authors in this category became ensconced in trying to discern why the worst happened, how we descended to the low point we ultimately reached, and what led people to resort to the most heinous of the options available to them at the time. A second category incorporates examples that are not remarkably different from other works of propaganda, except in terms of the perceived stylistic edge employed by some. Finally, a third category includes theories about the war, in which momentous questions are raised about collective responsibility, and whether any relationship exists between "writing" and "killing."

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