Until Further Notice...
Snapshots of Lebanon's Military Court (1945 - 2015)
حتى إشعار آخر

قصص قصيرة من سيرة المحكمة العسكرية في لبنان (١٩٤٥ ـ ٢٠١٥)
© 2016 UMAM D&R
Arabic with an English abstract

In 2016, UMAM D&R and Hayya Bina released an Arabic publication with an English abstract to share some of the research and archival findings for Martial Justice for All? Lebanon's Military Court: A "State of Martial Law" Within a "State of Law".

Like the project itself, "Until Further Notice...Snapshots of Lebanon's Military Court" takes a citizen approach towards military justice instead of exploring it through a legal and juristic lens since there is already a substantial amount of publicly available literature that explores such themes and perspectives. In the eyes of many, Lebanon's Military Court seems to have become the country's central judicial body, however, how has the country viewed the court throughout history and how have political actors and power brokers used the court to meet their needs at various stages of turbulence and tribulation?

The book draws upon an abundance of archival material to offer new perspectives and a fresh look at matters related to Lebanese military justice from 1945-2015. Many of the problems gripping Lebanon today trace their roots back decades, yet little effort has been made to delve into the historical records and attempt to come up with tenable solutions. Thus, the publication makes a humble attempt at chipping away at the casting surrounding the MC with the hope of stimulating debate over military justice and its role in Lebanese society.

This publication was made possible thanks to funding from the European Union.