Branch 251: The Koblenz Trial
A Podcast To Read
By 75 Podcasts

“BRANCH 251: The Koblenz Trial - A Podcast To Read” is a written publication that captures the episodes of the podcast Branch 251, produced from 2020 to 2022 by 75 Podcasts. The podcast, and now this book, takes listeners to the heart of the world’s first criminal trial dealing with atrocity crimes committed by Syrian officials by following the developments of the trials against two members of the Syrian government accused of crimes against humanity in a German court in Koblenz operating under universal jurisdiction. The book and the podcast are both in English and Arabic, guided by the motivation to increase international and notably, Syrian access to the formative trial that took place in Germany and in German. The English version of the book was published by UMAM D&R (also a supporter of the podcast) and the Arabic version was published by Dar al-Jadeed.