Installation by Jean-Marc Nahas
رأسًـــــــا على عقب

معرض بتوقيع جان مارك نحاس
Exhibition Catalogue
© 2006 UMAM D&R
Arabic - English - French

War leaves behind scars for everyone, be they direct participants or unfortunate observers, and at times create psychological agony. For artist Jean-Marc Nahas, growing up alongside Lebanon's brutal civil war shaped him in ways that nothing else could, or should. To better deal with the trauma from this period, he uses art and expression and puts raw emotion into images devoid of boundaries and constraints.

In "Catastrophe," images from Nahas's exhibition of the same name are printed alongside interviews with UMAM D&R co-directors Lokman Slim and Monika Borgmann. With Slim the discussion touched upon the genesis of the exhibition and the change of venue that became mandatory due to UMAM’s own exhibition space, The Hangar, being damaged during the 33-day war Israel waged against Lebanon during the summer of 2006. Borgmann and Nahas talked about the specifics of his images and the cathartic role art has played in his life.

The multilingual catalogue – English, French, and Arabic – features Nahas's work and gives insight into the language he has developed over the years in addressing the lingering psychological and emotional residue was has had on him and his creative pursuits.

This publication was made possible thanks to the institutional support from medico international.