Confronting Lebanon's Inescapable History
... ولم يعودوا

في قَضاءٍ لا رادَّ له...‎
© 2010 UMAM D&R
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As the Missing photo exhibition toured Lebanon, it was in a constant state of expansion. Family members came forward with pictures of their loved ones, sons and daughters that never returned home, husbands that were forced to leave behind wives and kids, relegating them to a life of gnawing uncertainty and a slow dissipation of hope. UMAM D&R compiled these pictures in alphabetical order and published a listing – albeit incomplete – of Lebanon's disappeared in a book named after the Missing initiative.

If the war and its numerous open wounds are ever to be healed, the Lebanese must peel back the layers of self-imposed amnesia and take stock of where the country is today and where it might be headed. Lebanon must come to terms with the disappeared and the impact their absence still has on the country.

This publication was supported by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development and offers special thanks to the committees of families of the disappeared and all the individuals who provided photographs for the exhibition, including: the Committee of the Relatives of the Kidnapped and Missing in Lebanon, Support of the Lebanese in Detention and Exile, and the Committee of the Families of Lebanese Detainees in Syria [represented by Wadad Halwani, Ghazi Aad, and Sonia Eid respectively].