An Ongoing Conflict...
...And Its Recurring Ends
في «حرب» تمضي قُدُمًا

وأوزارٍ لها تُسْتَوْضَعُ تَتْرى
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"An Ongoing Conflict: And its Recurring Ends" is a draft of a book that does not long for improvement or perfection. There is no space for perfection or an ultimate ending while discussing the incessant daily violence that occurred on state and non-state levels for many years in Lebanon. Scenes of explosions, bullets, blood, dead bodies, and broken souls left a lot of unresolved complications and haunting memories, which can never be healed with signatures on papers or exclusive meetings on television.

Against this backdrop, this book exposes the many attempts to carry out reconciliations and conflict resolutions during the Lebanese civil war. We learn that peace should not be defined in opposition to conflict. Peace is not just an isolated event that happens following or in disruption of violence. Rather, peace is an intrinsic component for why the intensity of violence persists and extends in different forms. Similar to violence, peace is a political decision and tool that manifests alternative modes and strategies of sectarian ruling.

This publication was part of the Peace Upon You - Revisiting Past Attempts to End Lebanon's Conflicts initiative and made possible thanks to funding from the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon.