A Lebanese Memory
ISF Documentation and Archiving Office
ذاكرة لبنانية برسم «الاستثمار»

مكتب المستندات والمحفوظات
© 2010 UMAM D&R
Arabic with English subtitles

Although the mention of "bureaucracy" usually elicits disdain, such a bureaucracy helps preserve large numbers of memories. Like other state institutions, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF), which deals mainly with police responsibility, also focuses on retaining its corporate memory, a significant part of the overall Lebanese memory. This documentary gives a brief tour of the ISF’s internal archive.

This DVD was part of the Memories of the Past, Tools for the Present initiative and made possible thanks to funding from the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa).

Interview: Lokman Slim
Camera: Rami Kodeih
Sound: Salam Nafaa
Editing: Rami Nihawi
Video Postproduction: Mazen Hashem
Audio Postproduction: B-Root Productions
Graphics: Hisham Salam
Length: 14 min

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