Lokman lives in us and through us…
February 25, 2021


We are still in disbelief and have no words to express our sorrow for the terrible and irreplaceable loss of Lokman Slim, co-founder and co-director of UMAM Documentation & Research, who was brutally and coldly executed in the night from the third to fourth of February. But despite our deep and unimaginable sadness, we are determined to continue the work that UMAM has been doing for almost 16 years.

Fighting the culture of impunity has always been a core element of our work. And therefore, our aim now is the establishment of an independent and transparent international investigation. It is only through such an investigation that we as a collective might uphold the principles and convictions for which Lokman tirelessly advocated, and to which he dedicated his life.

Lokman lives in us and through us… 

Monika Borgmann & The UMAM Team