Shared Suffering
Exploring the Abyss of Syrian Prisons
عن عذاب مَشــــــــــاع

سياحات في غيابات السجن السوري
2012 - 2013
In Partnership with Former Lebanese Political Detainees in Syria
Supported by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

UMAM D&R has been interested in issues related to the missing since it was founded. Not only are these issues part of the legacy of the civil war, but in a way they are also the most persistent components of that conflict. Overall, the issue of missing persons is one of ongoing human suffering: lives in limbo, whereabouts unknown, and families who forever remain victims of the disappearance of their relatives. Try as one might to close the civil war chapter and move on, a looming question mark over the fate of a loved one makes it impossible. In 2008, UMAM D&R began working on the issue in 
a project called Missing, seeking to facilitate an easy, almost tactile expression of that ongoing drama.

Out of "Missing" a new project emerged, one focused specifically on the wicked carceral network under the thumb of the Assads – both father and son. During Lebanon's civil war, hundreds, possibly thousands, of Lebanese were taken by the Syrians and their local collaborators and brought across the border and thrown in Syrian cells.