Talk by Forum for Memory and Future & Institute of Political Science at Saint Joseph University
Hate Speech and Incitement
A Prelude to Political Crimes?
خطاب الكراهية والتحريض

مقدمة إلى الجريمة السياسية؟
Apr 8, 2021 @ Zoom

While the Forum of Memory and Future grieves for Lokman Slim, one of its active and founding members, it remains committed to its original principle: dealing with the past, including the recent past, in order to establish a reconciled memory, and to end the culture of impunity that pervades all aspects of political life in Lebanon.

The recent assassinations were preceded by a climate of deep political polarisation, hate speech, and in many cases incitement to murder, which shows how necessary it is for Lebanon to deal with its past, and look into the criminal ideas and acts that have accompanied the country's history and that are threatening of taking it back to internal armed conflicts. With the assassination of Lokman Slim, the criminal pattern that prevailed before, during and following the wars in Lebanon, reemerged. This urged the members of the Forum to identify, analyze and deconstruct it in order to replace it with positive and constructive behaviors that preserve the values of dialogue, knowledge and progress to enhance social cohesion, peace, and national belonging.