Talk by Forum for Memory and Future & Institute of Political Science at Saint Joseph University
Who investigates the Crime?
Investigative Journalism vs Judicial Investigations
من يحقق في الجريمة؟

الصحافة الاستقصائية مقابل التحقيقات القضائية؟
May 11, 2021 @ Via Zoom

The Forum Memory and Future, in collaboration with the Institute of Political Science at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, is inviting three experts in investigative media to discuss procedures and guidelines in investigating crime scenes including those of assassinations and explosions: 

Ms. Ghida Franjieh: "Judicial Investigations into Crimes: What are the Guarantees of a Fair and Transparent Investigation?"
Ms. Layal Bou Moussa: "The Role of Investigative Journalism in Detecting Crimes"
Dr. Nasri Messarra: "Smart GOVs Swaying Public Opinion: Is Investigative Journalism Becoming Part of the Infotainment?" 

This session is part of a series titled "The Anatomy of Political Crimes" that seeks to dissect the different elements that explain the recurrence of politically motivated crimes in Lebanon, ranging from kidnappings, to bombings, explosions and assassinations. These crimes are not only traumatic in their occurrence, but also in the way the political system deals with them.

For the fourth session of the series, three experts will discuss investigative journalism as a form of reporting in which reporters conduct in-depth investigations into a particular area of concern, such as violent crimes. The series is dedicated to the memory of Lokman Slim, founding member of the Forum Memory and Future, assassinated on 3rd February 2021.

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