Film Screening by UMAM D&R & Hayya Bina
Until Further Notice...
Snapshot's of Lebanon's Military Court
حتى إشعار آخر

قصص قصيرة من سيرة المحكمة العسكرية في لبنان
Feb 24, 2016 @ The Hangar - Beirut

Lebanon's Military Court (MC) commemorated its 70th anniversary in 2015. Also that year, the court became the subject of hot political debate and popular protests. Yet none of those actions delved beyond day-to-day political disagreements and demarcation lines that often take selective approaches and are quite likely to fade soon after they appear. In other words, neither the debates nor the protests tackled the actual status of the Military Court relative to Lebanon’s political and judicial history. Instead, as has been the case since the court's inception, those "murky details" were not addressed.

"Until Further Notice" is not a judicially oriented documentary that focuses on Lebanon's Military Court. Rather, it is something of a primer on the history of that court explained through a series of snapshots. The narrative leads ultimately to a painful but vital question: How have all eras of Lebanese history, from its "independence" through the period of "Syrian tutelage" to today, been able to coexist with a "judicial institution" that does not conform to established norms and standards of justice?

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