Event by Institut Français & UMAM D&R
La Châtelaine du Liban
سيدة القصر
September 13, 2013 @ Institut français du Liban | Beirut

As part of the reopening of the Institut français du Liban’s Salle Montaigne, the newly restored film "La Châtelaine du Liban," directed by Jean Epstein in 1934, was screened in Beirut for the first time in decades. The event was held under the auspices of the French ambassador H.E. Mr. Patrice Paoli. Eric Le Roy from the Centre National Cinématographique (CNC)’s Archives françaises du film (AFF) was brought in to speak about his work with the project and his experiences more broadly. 

Given the pressing issue of preserving Lebanon’s endangered cultural heritage, especially its audiovisual heritage, UMAM D&R co-director Lokman Slim was invited to address the audience and share his insights on the state of the material rescued from Baalbeck Studios in 2010.

An exhibition with documents and objects salvaged from Baalbeck Studios was put together by UMAM D&R and put on display in the foyer of the Salle de Montaigne. Moreover, UMAM D&R launched the publication About Baalbeck Studios and other Lebanese Sites of Memory for the occasion of the event.

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