Workshop-Conference by UMAM D&R
“Asylum” versus “Migration”
Time for a Painful Re-Evaluation in Lebanon?
جدل «اللجوء» و«الهجرة»

هل َد ق ْتسـاَعُةالُمراَجعا ِتالُمْؤلَِمة؟
October 10, 2020 @ Riviera Hotel - Beirut

"Take Away My Passport!"
- Passport, Mahmoud Darwish

Lebanon throughout the years has been marked by migration and asylum, both into and out of the country. Yet the dynamics and context surrounding these respective population flows have not been adequately addressed. During the famine in Lebanon, as well as due to the civil war, Lebanese citizens fled the country in search of safety and better opportunities. Those of these communities who found financial success abroad posed a source of revenue for the country in the form of remittances and were glorified as integral members of the Lebanese community.