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وجْهًا لوجه ما كان

مقاربات سينمائية
Oct 2008 - Dec 2010 @ The Hangar - Beirut

Lebanon has failed to address its long legacy of violence and has repeatedly made calls to “close the files” on any official recognition of past events. What remains clear is that this policy neglects long-standing tensions within Lebanese society and opts instead to forget the events of the past as if they have no bearing on the present and certainly no impact on the future. Through the What Is to Be Done? Lebanon’s War-Loaded Memory series of films, workshops, public events, and exhibits, UMAM D&R sought to revive an otherwise hidden record of the past in order to provide a basis from which to move forward.

In the spirit of this endeavor, UMAM D&R launched the "Confronting Memories" film screenings. Introduced by a festival of three cinematic landmarks following the psychological effects of disappearance, "Confronting Memories" aimed to spark discussion of these issues that remain vital for Lebanon. The series ran until 2010 and featured local and international film screenings.

October 9-11, 2008 (Launch)
"Missing" by Costa Gavras (1982, 117 min)
"A Perfect Day" by Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige (2005, 88 min)
"Beyrouth Fantome" by Ghassan Salhab (1999, 116 min)

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