ISF Documentation & Archiving Office
A Film by UMAM Documentation & Research
Videotech [3]
© UMAM D&R, 2010, 14 min

Although the mention of bureaucracy usually elicits disdain, such a bureaucracy helps preserve large numbers of memories. Like other state institutions, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF), which deals mainly with police responsibility, also focuses on retaining its corporate memory, a significant part of the overall Lebanese memory. This documentary gives a brief tour of the ISF’s internal archive.


Interview: Lokman Slim | Camera: Rami Kodeih | Sound: Salam Nafaa | Editing: Rami Nihawi | Video Postproduction: Mazen Hashem | Audio Postproduction: B-Root Productions | Graphics: Hisham Salam

This DVD was produced with support of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA).