Snapshots of Lebanon's Military Court [1945 – 2015]
By UMAM Documentation and Research
In cooperation with HAYYA BINA
© UMAM D&R, 201

On an almost daily basis, Lebanese media outlets publish stories, which refer to the Government Commissioner at the Military court (i.e., the prosecutor) having leveled an accusation against someone, that the Military Court has sentenced someone after a trial or that the Military Court of Cassation has approved the release of someone already sentenced. To the everyday citizen, the Military Court likely seems to be the centerpiece of Lebanon’s judicial system. Unfortunately, that perception is approaching reality. In fact, the Military Court (MC) flaunts a great deal of latitude in terms of social and political immunity. That relative independence serves to mute most of the essential questions being asked about the centrality of the roles the MC plays in Lebanon and the reach it has into public Lebanese life.