In its programmatic work and outreach efforts, UMAM D&R utilizes a variety of conventional and unconventional tools. While examples of conventional apparatuses include meetings, workshops, conferences and printed, electronic and audiovisual publications, some of the more uncommon tools comprise a variety of UMAM D&R-administered assets, all of which we strive to make accessible to the broadest possible public.

Chief among these rather unconventional tools is the UMAM D&R held collection of written and audiovisual materials. While the original intent of this collection was to serve as a direct reference to the war, the collection has not only continued to expand, but it is also becoming increasingly related to Lebanon’s recent past. However, while a significant portion of this enormous (and still growing) collection has been sorted and made available, other parts have not. Consequently, UMAM D&R always welcomes interested volunteers and interns who are ready to push the effort forward.

UMAM D&R continues to expand its online presence by introducing new initiatives. These enterprises are intended, simultaneously, to improve public access to a broad range of documents related to Lebanon’s recent past, garner input from those interested in, and influenced by such access, and continually refine its online presence to ensure that it maintains its reputation as a capable and reliable web-based source. Moreover, while UMAM D&R will always be exploring related initiatives, two of them are already available online.

This online database was conceived as an electronic platform to reproduce open source documents and media related to Lebanon’s conflict-laden and war-loaded past. Since Memory At Work (www.memoryatwork.org) went live in 2011, the site has grown to reflect the numerous programs UMAM D&R has implemented since then. Although the website was conceived originally as a substantial pool of data related to Lebanon’s past (such as enforced disappearance, mass graves, assassinations, amnesties, etc.), it now contains numerous documents that focus on current issues (Syrian refugees, Lebanon’s Military Court, etc.).

During its existence, UMAM D&R has collected a tremendous number of publications (such as books, booklets, pamphlets, printed periodicals, etc.) that relate to its organizational interests. Importantly, the range of this collection has broadened significantly thanks to numerous in-kind donations. In an embryonic effort to facilitate virtual access to the assets it holds, UMAM D&R launched www.umambiblio.org. Notably, only the Arabic-language version of this resource is currently available.

Finally, UMAM D&R has dedicated space adjacent to its office in which it organizes and hosts public events (such as film screenings, round table discussions, exhibitions, etc.). Referred to in the local parlance as THE HANGAR, this multifunctional annex also hosts activities organized by other like-minded groups and individuals.